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Please review these important terms that will help you best enjoy our products.

Mistletoe is extremely perishable. To prevent your mistletoe from rotting, take these important steps:
  • Open the box your shipment arrived in right away. Remove your mistletoe from the bag and hang it as soon as possible.
  • Try to handle the mistletoe as little as possible. Minor breakage during shipping is normal, but it should still look full. Excess handling before hanging can damage the mistletoe.
  • If you plan to redistribute the mistletoe, request a specific ship date when you order so that your order arrives no more than 2 days before you need it. Instruct recipients to remove the mistletoe from the bag and hang it as soon as possible.
  • To temporarily store mistletoe, keep it in a cool, dry place. Refrigerating may help prolong the life of the mistletoe, but we do not guarantee freshness after 2 days in the bag after receiving it.

Holly must also be handled with care.
  • Do not allow holly to freeze. It will turn black.
  • To temporarily store holly, refrigerating may help prolong its life. You can also try storing it with the cut ends in a container of water (such as a vase). We still recommend using your holly soon after receiving it for best use. The berries may start to darken after a few days but the general appearance should still be good.

Your products should arrive in good condition. Minor breakage during shipping is normal, but it should still look full on arrival. If your order arrives in less than good condition, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to replace your product, refund your money or decline to do either (our choice based on the circumstances).

Priority Mail is not guaranteed. We take responsibility only for shipping your order on time; we will not be responsible for delays from the Post Office or from any other factor out of our control. If you need a guaranteed delivery date, the USPS guarantees their Priority Mail Express delivery, usually overnight. (Their guarantee means they will refund your shipping cost if they do not deliver on time.) We will not refund late-arriving shipments that we shipped on time. We are not responsible for shipments to incorrect addresses, unless it is our error. Please check your address carefully, or you may have to pay shipping again to receive your item.

Mistletoe and holly berries may be poisonous. Do not eat. Keep berries away from children and pets. By purchasing this product, you understand this risk and assume the liability for any person or animal ingesting the mistletoe or holly. If you are concerned, you may request no berries (we will do our best to accommodate) in addition to simply removing any berries found.

Items are unique and may vary from picture shown. Each of our items is hand-selected and assembled from a natural plant and will look slightly different than product shown. Whether or not berries are pictured, your item may or may not have berries on it. We will do our best to accommodate your request for berries or items with no berries. We reserve the right to substitute a similar hand-tied bow for any manufactured one shown without notice.