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Mistletoe Gifts

Mistletoe Gift Box
Give the perfect gift this holiday season with our Classic Mistletoe Gift Box. Imagine their delight at opening the satin ribbon-tied gift box to find...more

Mistletoe and Kisses Gift Box
Too far away to stand under the mistletoe with them? Give them the next best thing with our Mistletoe and Kisses......more

Large Mistletoe Gift Box
Exceed their expectations this Christmas with our Large Mistletoe Gift Box. A satin ribbon-tied large gift box opens to reveal our 6-inch mistletoe...more

Large Mistletoe and Kisses Gift Box
Send your love from a distance with our Large Mistletoe and Kisses Gift Box. Hershey's Kisses and our Large......more

Mistletoe and Holly Gift Box
Add a splash of color to their holiday with our Mistletoe & Holly Gift Box. The bright contrast of our Mistletoe & Holly Sprig laid in scarlet tissue...more

Mistletoe & Holly and Kisses Gift Box
Who says you can't send kisses through the mail? Our Mistletoe & Holly Kisses Gift Box features our Mistletoe & Holly......more

Mistletoe with Love Gift Box
Give all your love this Christmas with our heart-shaped gift box. A custom-made smaller sprig with bow will warm......more

Love & Kisses Mistletoe Gift Box
There will be no mistaking your feelings for that special someone with our Love and Kisses...more